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She's a 22 year old Swedish college student with a desire to see the world. She's a lover of all things sweet and everything that takes place in a kitchen. She's considered a highly professional procrastinator, probably because she's always got her head in a book. And she blogs about her somewhat unhealthy book obsession.

Starting anew and changing names


I’m sorry I disappeared on you guys but I completely lost my blogging motivation and after Christmas break I just never really got started again. But I’m getting that hunger back to write and to blog.

So I’m starting anew and with the new start I thought it fitting with a new name. I was never truly happy with Deb’s Crazy Obsession so now you’ll find me under

Books and Gibberish

instead. All the old reviews and everything else will still me there but there will be a lot of other changes so head over to to find out more about this do-over.